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          Cooperating with China CRRC Ningbo Research Institute for super capacitor project


          Obo and PCT have set up strategic cooperation relationship with Ningbo CRRC Research Insitute and established R&D labs, specifically focusing on applied development of super-capacitors, with good effects being achieved.


          Cooperating with Taiwan Shuntian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. SDE Project


          On March 6, 2017, the group signed a long-acting analgesic injection (Naldebain, also known as Senabine injection) was approved for listing in Taiwan. Senabbutin injection is a patented innovative prodrug. The market indication is acute pain after moderate to severe surgery. It has strong, long-lasting, green, safe and analgesic characteristics. It is produced by Taiwan Shuntian Pharmaceutical Biotech Co., Ltd. Research and development. Shanghai New Exploration Venture Capital Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, signed a cooperation agreement on June 1, 2016 to obtain the exclusive market rights of Sennabsin Injection in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. The successful listing of sinabine injection in Taiwan has laid a good foundation for the development and listing of this product in China. This is an important breakthrough for the Group to accurately develop its pharmaceutical business and has a positive and significant impact on the Group's transformation and upgrading.


          Cooperate with Guangzhou Tinci New Material Technology Company in DMC Project


          The electronic grade DMC (one of the electrolytic solvents) with high purity and low water made by Spring Chemical Company has been approved by Guangzhou Tinci New Material Co., Ltd., the No. 1 electrolyte supplier in the world, and the water content has reached the international advanced level. Throug production and R&D, commerce support and marketing cooperation, the Company has developed products with high purity and low water content based on the original products. The water content is within 10ppm, far lower than the prevailing standard of 50ppm in China, which has increased the entry threshold of this industry.


          Cooperate with Shell in many regions


          Multi-region cooperation with Shell has favorably supported the regional sales, assuring good business in different markets. Business cooperation with Shell has played a role of demonstration and guidance for the development of regional clients, hence helping Haike Group build a brand image of good oil quality and services.

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